The 5 habits that changed my life

I am a happy and positive person, and I did many things to get here, but I will share with you the five things I did that helped me the most and really improved the quality of my life, my energy levels, my mood and my health in general.✨

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Hello! My name is Maria. My long story short: a few years ago I was in a very bad place (emotionally), so I started looking for ways to improve my life and be okay again. It turns out my journey revealed things I did not even know existed. Now I’m not “okay”, as I had hoped I will be. I am full of happiness, joy, excitement, love and peace. I am IN LOVE with life like I never have been and I enjoy every moment of my life, even the “not so fun” ones.

On this blog, I will share some of the things that helped me take back the control over my life and what made my life enjoyable and happy.